Ten Things That Do Not Determine Your Worth

‘you are worthy’

Photo by Richard Sagredo on Unsplash

Have you ever had a battle with your inner monologue telling you or make you question whether you are good enough? No matter how happy we are with ourselves, how successful we are, how loved we feel there is always that little voice questioning it.

Having a strong sense of self worth is very important. Self worth essentially means that you value yourself. It is not based on what others think of you or how big your house is. It comes from within. Sometimes outside forces and influences get in the way and we forget this.

Merriam Webster define self worth as ‘a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect’. There are numerous factors which determine this, but there are also numerous factors that most definitely do not define or determine how worthy you are. Self worth is not a measurable thing. You are worthy by being here on this Earth and by being you. You are more valuable than you think.

Here are ten things that do not define your worth and do not under any circumstance use the below to determine if you are ‘good enough’.

Remember them… because you are worthy.

  1. Your appearance this is a big one. We are all guilty of wanting to change some aspects of ourselves physically. Whether that includes dieting, surgery, hair colour you name it. You were made unique and special. You don’t need to change. And if you do really want to, do it for yourself… not for anyone else
  2. Your grades despite how hard you work for those grades or that degree. The end result doesn’t determine your intelligence. Your grades don’t measure your dedication or the build up leading up to that final exam or piece of coursework. I can’t even remember my GCSE grades, let alone the subjects I took!
  3. Your job no matter your job, if you hate it or love it, it does not define your self worth
  4. The number of friends you have it isn’t necessarily the more the merrier. My philosophy is quality not quantity
  5. Your age age is just a number. Just live in that moment
  6. The number of followers on social media in the digital world that we live in, we can get caught up in the number of followers we have on our social media platforms. Not only that but the engagmenet we get on our posts or videos. This number does not determine your value. You are much more complex than the profile that you project
  7. Your relationship status whether you are single or in a relationship it doesn’t matter. You do you and focus on loving yourself either way
  8. The amount of money you make whether your bank account has a million pounds in it or it is pretty close to empty, the money you have in there does not define your worth. Yes, goods and services have a monetary value and are a commodity, but they have no correlation to your value as a human being
  9. Your likes and dislikes — no, not your social media likes but your personal likes. Taste in music, food, fashion, art. Our hobbies and likes make us unique
  10. Other people — believe it or not, other people have no impact on your self worth. Sometimes, we fall into the habit of comparing ourself to others. But stay in your lane on the road of life, we are all on our individual journey and we go at different speeds!

Remember that…

you are enough.

you are worthy.

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash



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