Ten Of My Values As A Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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2 min readMay 19, 2021


‘Together, we will transform your mind, body and soul. Putting yourself first and helping you understand how to be the happiest, healthiest and most confident version of you’

As a certified personal trainer with my own fitness studio and qualifications in nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy, I use these resources and an integrative approach to the body, mind and soul to improve clients health from the inside out.

I love to give them the confidence to know they can achieve anything! I give them the belief and courage to action their ambitions. Nothing inspires me more than creating long-lasting and sustainable positive change in others. Giving people back control of their minds, bodies and souls.

I like to think of myself as a catalyst — inspiring and motivating those around me to be happier, healthier, stronger, fitter and more confident than ever. It is my purpose, passion and mission to help people become the best version of themselves, encouraging them to put themselves first.

Our values are the basic elements of how we go about our work, the strategies we use to go about our mission, how we go about doing everything we do, guiding principles. Not only this but they are important to you personally in how you life your life. They have a tendency to change and develop as we get older and as we grow personally and professionally.

Here is a list of my ten values that I carry with me as a holistic lifestyle coach…

  1. To be committed
  2. To walk the walk not just talk the talk
  3. To be honest
  4. To be trustworthy
  5. To give you 100%
  6. To be empowering
  7. To be positive
  8. To be passionate
  9. To be true to myself
  10. To be right by your side every step of the way

What are some of your values you uphold in your jobs?



Coaching with Claudia

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