Ten Easy Ways To Apply Positivity To Your Life

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3 min readOct 31, 2021


‘if you can’t find the sunshine… be the sunshine’

As I am writing this on Halloween, I am waking up to a scene well suited to the start of a Halloween movie. The clocks have gone back in the UK, it’s a little darker this morning, the wind is howling, the trees in the garden are shaking and it’s pouring with rain. An incredibly miserable Sunday morning to some…I think we’ve all been there feeling that. However, this seemingly dark and negative atmosphere this morning can be easily switched into a positive. You can do something about that feeling!

Positive thinking and positive thoughts really are contagious. Positivity doesn’t only affect you, it affects those in the environment around you too. It really is as simple as positive attracts positive just like negative attracts negative. The good news is that we can really train our brains to be more positive and behave in any way we want but the answer really lies with YOU.

Positive thinking is an attitude which focuses on the good, anticipates happiness, success, goodness instead of expecting the worst. This mindset enables the brain to create and manifest a feedback loop that brings more and more good into life like a cycle.

Of course like most things sometimes its not as easy as just changing your mood. You have to enforce the habits and create healthy daily practice and doing this consistently. There are numerous things you can do to change your thoughts and supercharge your life positivity…

  1. Listen and watch motivational material — watching an inspiring film or listening to inspiring podcasts will lift your spirits. Usually we listen or watch things that fit our mood at the time meaning we will fall deeper into the negative cycle, doing the opposite will aim to lift you out of that
  2. Do some exercise — when you exercise you release those ‘feel good’ chemicals and are an instant game and mood changer. Not only this but it is a good distraction from your bad mood
  3. Be grateful for absolutley everything — make being positive and being as open as you would be when complaining about being grateful. Turning everything into a positive
  4. Force positivity even when you don’t feel like it — your mood and yout thoughts don’t control you. Force yourself to smile, force yourself to get out of bed, force yourself to play upbeat songs if you’re in a sad and solemn mood. Getting up and taking control of your environment and behaviour teaches your brain that despite your dark times you are in control of how you react to them
  5. Change your body language act and behave the way you want to feel
  6. Practice self love — loving yourself means that it is easier to love others, environments, your job, your life, everything. Like attracts like, love attracts love and like mentioned above positivity attracts positivity
  7. Random Acts of Kindness — not only will a random act of kindness lift someone else's spirit but it feeds our own soul with happiness because of a chemical reward response. Making someone else smile really makes you smile too
  8. Starting your day by focus on 3 or more things positives daily — before sleeping or just as you wake up think about three positive takeaways from your day. The more you see small positives the more the perception of how you view positivity will change
  9. Create solutions not problems — problems symbolise a never ending cycle of negativity and issues. Often finding a solution is easier than pinpointing the problem
  10. Move through your day mindfully — practicing mindfulness through the day and staying in the present means that you are more able to take charge of the things going on in your head and have the ability to ward off those unwanted pesky negative emotions

What ways do you try to apply positivity to your life?

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